Sunday, August 11, 2013

Worry 'boutchor Self

Has everyone seen this video?  Basically all I do is worry about myself, but, it makes me laugh.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Girlish fantasies

I had a nice weekend, hanging out with M, going to the beach Sat. and Sunday.  On friday we saw Wolverine, which kind of ridiculous.  I love going to the movies so much that I'll basically see whatever M wants to see (why did I give him option of Wolverine or the new Woody Allen movie?).  We also saw Pacific Rim a few weeks ago.  Both movies were basically pointless and sort of a 12-year-old boy's fantasy.  But, we still had a pretty good time.  Wolverine really made me laugh, what with those muttonchops and everything.  I also started thinking, how come you never see movies made by women that're a 12-year-old GIRL's fantasy?  I figure 12-year-old me and also thirty-mumble me would probably make the same fantasy movie:


  1. Wake up in a pile of soft puppies!
  2. Snuggle with puppies.  
  3. Go for a long walk with Orlando Bloom through the forest holding hands (he's dressed as Legolas, I'm dressed as a fairy princess.)
  4. Spend afternoon going through my closet with Tim Gunn while he tells me everything I wear looks fabulous!
  5. Ride a unicorn through the sky.