Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book of Mormon!

This weekend M & I had a lovely night on the town with dinner and a show - we saw The Book of Mormon.  It's really funny - if you have the opportunity to see it, you will surely enjoy it, unless you are uhm, a Mormon or pretty religious.

Here's one of my favorite songs, called Turn It Off, about how to stop feeling and thinking.  (:

I wore this rather outrageous gold paillette jacket over a black dress with a fabulous necklace.  I was in the lady's room fixing my false eyelash when my spidey-sense let me know that two girls were giving me The Eye.  I recognized it immediately, having grown up in Indiana.  It said, Get a load of this big city girl.
 I smiled at them.

That's right, bitches!

Monday, March 11, 2013

w00t PaWN: (s)he's a pinball wizard

I have more first hand experience playing video games with ma husband this weekend - you see, I don't *always* write these reviews from the objective and, some might say, "judgey" sidelines, on rare occasions, I get in there myself and tear it up.

We started by playing the demo for Zen Pinball on PS3, which has a few Starwars demos, they were fun so we decided to buy the whole thing.  It's $10 price tag required a few minutes of discussion, until I had the brilliant idea of considering it in terms of quarters, which is 40 quarters, which is not that many in terms of pinball games (.50 cents a game, single player).  So, it was sort of a bargain.

Video pinball games try to imitate the actual play of pinballs - you release the ball and operate the clickers and you can even "bump" the machine, and otherwise the balls follow the Newtonian physics of a regular pinball machine.  The Starwars games adds a few extra elements like a Boba-fett that floats around or a Darth Vader that shows up and tries to mess with you, but generally you just shoot the ball around.  I liked those games quite a bit.

By Sunday we bought another pinball game on the PS3 called Pinball Arcade, which replicates some "classic" (according to M) pinball games (with no fancy stuff like in the Starwars games).  I didn't like those as much as Zen Pinball because they were harder to play and I lost my balls pretty quickly.  I find it very boring to watch someone else play a pinball game, but M seemed to like watching me.  Although, basically whenever I play any video game, he stares at me like someone might admire a monkey playing the piano.

He was quite excited to play some game called Bride of Pinbot, in which there's like a robot lady that "comes alive" as you hit various levels within the board.  I threatened to "whip out some feminist analysis" and he claimed, "It's just a game!" which I countered with "It perpetuates the culture of misogyny!" and that's maybe one of the reasons we don't play too many video games together.   But, actually, I mean, aside from the inherent gender inequalities, we had a really good time.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

w00t PaWN: Sleeping Dogs

M is playing Sleeping Dogs on the PS3.  He plays like this gangster guy who is really an undercover cop trying to infiltrate a Taiwanese gang or something?  As far as I can tell, his guy rides around town, then he jumps out of the car and punches people in the face and does some parkour nonsense and then drives some more and punches some more guys.  It's a lot like Grand Theft Auto except in Taiwan.  I'm curious about how accurate the map is. I've never been to Taiwan.

I think the gang is called the "Dogs" or something.  But, honestly, I have no idea.

In this one bit, he runs into some kind of club, sings some KARAOKE (no joke) and then breaks a big fish tank and then picks up a FISH and punches a bunch of guys with the fish.  I was like....

Integrating karaoke is kind of funny but I think it should be a true mix and you have to break out your Garage Band mics and really sing.  Or better yet, the XBox Kinect and do some sick dance moves.  Instead you just move the controller to hit the appropriate key. That's pretty weak, right?