Thursday, April 30, 2009


Something I find very interesting lately is how everyone, including myself, seems to have forgotten how terrible X3 was. I mean, it was really, REALLY terrible. And yet, something comes over me when I see these Wolverine commercials, and I will, yes I will, be in line for opening night, possibly wearing false gigantic sideburns and shouting Snikt, Snikt!

How can they make two terrific X Men (I really prefer "X Person") movies, one so incredibly bad, and I'm still ready for more?

So far the summer-movie agenda isn't looking too promising... there's that weird Tarantino thing I'm not going anywhere near; Up, which looks stupid but it's Pixar so I have hope; and - nuthin'. Don't get me started on Angels and Demons.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lovely things?

I got my hair done - it's much lighter than it looks in this picture, but, just in case you miss looking at my mug...I shamelessly photoshopped out a pimple from my chin.

Do you miss What's In My Garden? I do. For better or for worse, we can identify just about everything that grows up in our yard. Aren't these gorgeous?
It's been raining cats and dogs all weekend but I don't really care 'cause it gives me a chance to wear my rainboots.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

By popular demand

Ha ha! So, last week I bought some BAC stock, and now, wait for it...25% gain in a week! BOOM! Uh oh... Husband says I shouldn't blog about what stocks we buy because it's inappropriate and private. Is that true?

Perhaps I should also buy stock in World's Best Cat Litter, which actually may be the world's best cat litter. I thought I had found cat litter nirvana (if such a thing is possible) back when my friends introduced me to Feline Pine (can you imagine that scene?). Feline Pine really rocked my world because, as everyone knows, clay cat litter is v. bad for person and puss alike. That "crystal" litter is effing disgusting. Do not, under any circumstances, buy it. Feline Pine's made of pine and scoops. It smells quite nice, only, if you're a lazy bastard like I am, and you don't change the litter box as often as you should, it gets kind of gross. This World's Best stuff is made of corn, somehow. I think Kaya likes it. The nice thing about World's Best Litter is that, if you are a lazy bastard like I am, and don't clean the box as often as you should, it doesn't really get that gross. AND! You can flush it in the toilet, so, if you're really lazy, like I am, you don't even have to drag in a bag and throw it out. Fancy, right?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Had a very interesting day at work because this rep from Google visited us and we were all absolutely ga-ga over him. I think Google is just the greatest company, and I love their products. Something I think is so interesting is that our culture expects companies (read: owners of) to dick the public and their own employees for the sake of quick profits. I'm not just talking about Enron or AIG - I think, generally, most people would be very, very foolish to put much faith in their employer. In such a culture, Google is a rare example of a company with heart. It's such a do-no-harm company that's it's almost a joke, right? Even though it's hard for me to believe, because I'm a distrusting bitter misanthropist who was laid-off in the early aughts and the daughter of a auto union member, I do think they're the real deal. Did you know you can take your dog to work if you work at Google? Anyway, it was nice to reflect on a cool business model, and to feel relatively confident in my own employer.

M & I are trying to pay more attention to the markets - we're both choosing some stocks to buy. I totally want some Google but it's quite expensive. I bought some Bank of America, which, like most banks, is at BARGAIN BASEMENT prices. Ho-ho! So far, it's up 13% since I bought it!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Lately I've been a bit unsure of what to blog about (do you detest the use of "blog" as a verb? I kinda do) because, well, I think it might be boring, and I aim to thrill and amuse, like when I hold a fingerstache up to my friend's cat, or write about two squirrels having sex in a tree, and other things that don't even involving animals being ridiculed. But, I frequently think of these two great bloggers I used to love reading, both of whom became pretty lame after they got pg and started writing about pregnancy jeans all the time. So, when I get excited about, say, this new cat litter that I love, I'm all I'mtotallygonnablogaboutthatcatlitter and then I'm like, nowait,thatstheequivilantofpregnancypants.

Anywho, among the boring things I have avoided blogging about are the various plants that are shooting up in the garden, the aforementioned cat litter, unparalleled joy at riding my bike again, missing my out-of-town friends, trying to figure out what stocks to buy, and my changing feelings about Facebook. Although, the more I think about it, those are merely the mundane things that make me me, and perhaps you would like to read them. Stay tuned for my next post on some cat litter that's really going to change your life.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here's an old shot I stole from KM's Facebook. Me, K, and C - cute, huh? How about those socks?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Saw Adventureland last night and really enjoyed it. It's about a kid who graduates from college and finds out his parents lost some money and he can't go to Europe for the summer and ease into grad school like he'd planned. Instead, he gets a job at the local amusement park.

The trailers play it up as a Judd-Apatowish comedy, but it's actually much more than that - more like Juno or Little Miss Sunshine than, say, Superbad.

Nostalgic without being corny, Adventureland takes place in the kind of non-corporate theme park that doesn't exist any more, the 1987 of stone-washed, high waist jeans. There's a great soundtrack heavy on the Velvet Underground, and a solid cast rounded out by Kristen Wigg and Bill Hader from SNL who play the ridiculous park managers, but play them straight.

It just goes to show you that there's nothing much funnier than earnestness - which is how Jesse Eisenberg plays James. I thought he and Kristen Stewart were evenly matched, her wiser, more skeptical character was a good contrast to his trusting, virginal one.

The movie also had some gorgeous shots of the amusement park and the rides. I thought it had some simply lovely moments that really captured the romantic idea of young love at the fair at twili... at that certain time of day.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Idol

I caught up with American Idol - but, for realz, I'm totally going to quit that show soon. I liked Tattoo-Arm the best - she had a nifty voice. I suppose I like Red-Haired-One the best now although she's kind of boring. I can't stand The Hideous One and his ridiculous hair and his dopey songs - Play that Funky Music? Really?

But what drives me nuts is how everyone's been going crazy over The Blind Dude - BFD, so he's blind - what's to overcome? Everybody's always like, "Wow, he's such an inspiration! A beautiful voice, and he's blind too!" It's not like being blind would any way inhibit a person from being a great singer. If the guy were deaf, then I'm interested, but blind? No.

Monday, April 06, 2009


This weekend we went to my friend C's birthday party - it was a total blast (Happy Birthday, C!) M & I found their camera and took some shots for C&D to find later - these make me laugh, and I bet you will too: