Sunday, June 23, 2013


After a very stressful week I managed to have a nice, relaxing weekend.  Sat. I convinced M to see Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Joss Whedon.  This trailer is absolutely fabulous - and while I wish the movie had maintained that sort of frenetic energy throughout, it was still darn good.  (Oh, Rose Rouge, you make everything better.)  Buffy fans, rejoice - all your old friends are there.

Today I went to the beach for the first time this summer.  I had fun playing a game called "Mr Fox" (or something?) with my little, little pals.  After that, I put up my hammock.  Now summer officially starts.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Coffee Tables and Rugs

I've been trying to buy a new rug for a while - and also a coffee table.  Here are some ideas - anyone want to weigh in?

As you can see, all these rugs are quite different styles, but I like them all and think they would look nice.  The bottom one is one of those thick pebbly ones that are really soft.  I truly don't know which one I like best.  ):

I like this table the most but M doesn't like it.  For various reasons he doesn't want a glass top, which I suppose is reasonable.  But.... it's so pretty.  And it would look awesome with all those rugs.

I like this table a lot.  It's from West Elm, the top is light wood.  I think it would look so sick with that pebble rug.  And also the flower one.  And the oriental one. 

This table is all metal from CB2.  Would all metal be too cold for the room?  

Is this the perfect combo of warmth and metal I'm looking for?  It's from West Elm too. I think it would look nice with all those rugs.  What should I do, convince M to get that chrome one?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cures for the blues?

I've still got the blues pretty bad - coming home after a short trip to visit family was unexpectedly sad because it turns out both me & M experienced a mutual moment where we got excited about being close to home and seeing our girl again, then realizing she wasn't going to be greeting us.

One cure for the blues for me is stopping by the bakery on my way home, buying a baguette and putting it in my bicycle basket.  Growing up, the idea of buying a baguette, putting it in a bag or a basket was to me just the height of sophisticated living, and it still makes me very happy.

Hey, check this out!  Clever.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kaya 1997(?)-May 28, 2013

Last week our darling baby Kaya passed away.  The end of her life was unbearably painful for me and M, but peaceful for her.  We had gone to the hospital to pick her up on Sat. of Memorial Day weekend - expecting her to be sick but improving.  Unfortunately she was in and out of consciousness and unable to control her legs.  So, it was kind of like having a newborn baby - we fed her every six hours, gave her medicine every few hours, cleaned up her pees and poos.  We were happy to those things for her, but unfortunately after three days she wasn't getting better.  
She loved being in the backyard so we took her outside hoping it would stimulate something.  It's hard to express how heartbreaking it was to watch our little girl like that.  I think she knew she was home and that we were there with her, but most of the time it seemed like she was unconscious.  

I count myself lucky to have known a cat like Kaya - she was an amazing creature - she made me & M feel special, she brought so much joy to our lives.  Our house feels empty without her.  

Over time, I hope to forget how terrible her last days were for our family, and remember the better days.  Here's an old picture that M & I love - this is partly why we had a couple of nicknames for her - Belly Girl or just Belly because she would lie on her back like this and her belly looked so inviting.  But, it was kind of a Venus Flytrap situation.  We also called her our Little Rabbit, because you can see how her little front feet curled over - isn't that adorable?  

We'll miss her forever - my darling, beautiful girl... my friend.