Thursday, March 29, 2012

Golden Age of Comedy

I hate to say I've been watching TV even more recently, ever since my right pin's out of service.  Luckily, we appear to be in a golden age of comedy.  How. Funny. Is. New. Girl? I ask you.  It's like my favorite show of all time.  It's Schmidt, really, who makes the show.  Except, did you hear that line where whatshisname is talking about college kids and he says, "Look at them!  They don't know what Saved by the Bell is and they've never felt pain."  That is solid gold, my friend. Solid. Gold.

I'm also like totally kvelling over Happy Endings?  Although, I truly think that to make that show, someone reads through my blog, and takes out all the cool parts of my personality, and then makes a, you know, totally hip, hilarious show out of it.  Here are merely some of the things they have clearly stolen from This Very Blog.

  1. The characters make t-shirts for special occasions. Just like me.
  2. They did a whole episode about how Chicagoans are like hibernating bears in the winter. (I said that back on 4/6/2008)
  3. Penny is heavy into abbrevs. (I think they modelled P after moi.)
  4. They love food trucks and like making fun of hipsters.  But, to be fair, that's everyone.  
Modern Family continues to kill, week after week.  Did you see the bit with the clown funeral?  And after it was over all the clowns piled into a tiny car?  Too funny.

Tonight's Community was wicked hilarious as well, but I'm trying not to get too attached to that show because it seems like it's going off the air soon.  Probably because they base entire episodes around the plot of 1984, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  Now, excuse me while I go make a blanket fort.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bathroom Before and After

 I should really do a Before and Before and After, but I can't find the pics from the middle before... Anyway, here's what our bathroom looked like when we bought our house...

ewww granny light

After a while I painted the bathroom lavender and we put in new towel racks and a new light fixture, but we still had all that super-crappy stuff like the sink and the mirror and the tub and...

It took long time to decide what kind of tile I wanted, and I (we? M was curiously not obsessed with this like I was) finally settled on this gorgeous Carrera marble subway and basket weave for the floor. The walls are Tiffany blue.

Remodeling, any home-owner will tell you, is an outrageous pain in the ass that's barely worth the trouble, takes 4 times longer than you think it will and costs at least twice as much.  "Not us!" we thought.   "WE are organized and efficient."  Ha.  The sink you see below is the second one we bought, the other is sitting in the garage, with a leak.  We ordered three feet too little floor tile and had to overnight ship the remainder (guess how much it costs to ship marble overnight).  And for some reason one of the three lights is out, which makes me and M so mad we want to smash the whole room to pieces with a sledge hammer.  But, was it worth it?  Yes.  Yes, I think so.  Pretty much.  Well, it is absolutely GORGE, if I do say so myself.  I was going for Parisian Toilette - I think I got it, don't you?

Will you look at that? The damn light's out! ARG!
We have some mildly scandalous artwork in the form of dirty postcards we bought the last time we were in Paris (J.C., that sounds obnoxious, doesn't it?)  One was especially naughty, so I put it in a reversible frame (below) that we can flip when the very young and the very old are visiting.

O! Excusez-moi!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Movie!

The Mockingjay

So, we went to opening night of the Hunger Games, natch!  It was SUPER fun.  First we met some friends in the bar, and, like, so, a week ago?  We had gone to the bar, which is attached to the movie theatre, and asked them if they were going to make special drinks for the movie and the bartender said he hadn't read the books, so we wrote a bunch of ideas on a napkin, and gave it to him.  Anyway, Friday night they had two drinks, which I choose to believe were from our list - however obviously they might be - the Mockingjay and the Girl on Fire.  

The Capital
What I loved the most about the movie was the pacing - I thought they did a great job setting up the story, going to the Capital (which I thought was clearly influenced by Metropolis), as well as the actual games and the follow-up.  I loved the scenes with the people who operate the cameras, and how it became understood that the cameras were everywhere.  

I hear that a lot of folks who haven't read the book are wrongly assuming that the movie glorifies "kids killing kids", more of the opposite, in fact - although, one creepy aspect was that our crowd did applaude when presumed villains were killed.  That was more than a bit strange, but, people are idiots, what are you gunna do?  L'enfer, c'est les autres.  The best part of our audience was little girls in costume - there was a kid with a bow and arrow that was So. Adorable.  
so angry!

There was also a photo booth in the lobby where you could get a, uhm, commemorative Hunger Games set of pics.  Me and my friend M couldn't resist and we made faces like we were in the movie - here's "Imma kill that guy!"  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Well, yesterday I had my foot operated on - it's been bothering me for many months now, and hopefully it will all be behind me soon!  I don't know why it's embarrassing to have a bunion surgery, but it kind of is... I guess it seems kind of "old lady" although my doctor told me it's genetic - and I suppose if you asked one of my favorite old ladies, my grandma, she'd be the one who has the most sympathy for me!

Do you wanna see something crazy?  Look at this prosthetic Egyptian toe from 710BC.


So, I'm just kind of lurching around in a Vicodin haze.  I have a nice pile of DVDs and my mom's coming up to keep me company, and perhaps relieve M of incessant fetching.  Which he is being a real sport about.

I had semi-encouraged M to take a video of me after surgery, just for a kick, really.  It turns out I didn't have an amusing David After Dentist or this poor goofball antics.  I asked my nurse what she thought of parents posting video of their anesthetized children on YouTube and she got pretty fired up about how despicable it is.  It is invasive, but it's also really funny?  I'm conflicted.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Hunger Games

This weekend I got my hair did and my stylist was all, "I'm Obsessed with the Hunger Games!" and I was like, "OMG! Me too!" and I was in heaven, not just because someone besides me was washing and blow-drying my hair.  With each. Passing. Day I get more and more excited about the movie - it looks like it's going to be really good, doesn't it?

So, for the movie, do you think it would be more fun to dress up like someone from District 12...

Or the Capital?

OMG, Look!  There's a Hunger Games nail polish.  I want that so bad!

And, did you know Jennifer Lawrence is dating Nicholas Hoult from Skins?  

She is.

The Capital, right?