Thursday, April 27, 2006


u know wht makes me really mad? that united 93 movie. who, i ask u, is going 2 watch that shit? if u r, dpn't even tell me or i'll be very grouchy with u. u know what also gets me? that apparently the families of the people who died have "approved" the movie. and i'm even madder that some people think that makes it ok to go see it. i;d like 2 knock the director about with my good arm. the same applies to RV.

i am interested in seeing friends with $, Brick, /thank u 4 smoking and American Dreamz. i suppose after i graduate i'll be able 2 resume my old movie-goind schedule.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


oh, man - you arent going to believe what hapnd! i fell off my bike and broke my wrist! mt left wrist, and now i cant type 2 good. so, that was the second trip to the emergecy room in a week - i had to go the previous weekend because i was sick and i got dehydrated. sucks, right? i didn't even know it was possible for the bones of grown up people to break. i guess i'm going 2 hav this cast 4 at least 5 weeks. ): everyone keeps teling me 2 use voicerecognition software 2 type - do u have any idea how crappy that shit is? its worse than this, ill tell u that.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Art appreciation

Today, I took a sort of nauseated spin around the art institute, not because what I saw was nauseating (well, I'm not crazy about their art before the 19th century), but because I've been feeling sick for a week now. So, I'm standing in front of this Fantin-Latour and a guard sidles up next to me and says, "Oh, they painted this real nice, didn't they?" I used to have this opinion that museum guards, who stand in front of art for 8 hours a day, were an untapped resource of art criticism and insight, but in every interaction I've had with them, that theory has proved incorrect. So I'm like, "They?" and then we had a talk about how Fantin skillfully painted glass. Then the guard told me what she really liked was the dollhouse downstairs. I had actually forgotten about the miniatures until several weeks ago and I went down to have a look at them, only to encounter the most idiotic group of open-mouthed gum chewing nincompoops I've ever seen. I thought to myself, "They should get rid of these stupid dollhouses."

So, then I walked around some more, and I was tagging along tours like I always do - I heard this high school kid shout in front of the El Greco Madonna, "How much did that thing COST?" His instructor bizarrely replied, "A bazillion dollars." I hate to see that kind of ignorance, but then I tack on behind this group of kids who I swear couldn't have been older than 6 years old, and the docent is showing them a Dutch still life, and she actually says to them, "As you can see, the black background really pushes the composition to the fore, which is quite typical of 16th century Flemish painting."

Friday, April 07, 2006


A few nights ago I ironically drank some boxed wine and ended up with an unironic headache. I'm careening toward the end of my MA degree and pretty sad about its conclusion. After I finish my thesis, I'm going to go about the tricky business of finding a job in today's economy. Would you like to hire me? I'm fully qualified to read and take notes. And make lists.
Things I'm looking forward to:

  • My sister's visit
  • approval of my thesis
  • Graduation party
  • trip to LA
  • Friends with Money
  • seeing the baby this weekend

Things I'm not looking forward to:

  • Agonizing process of looking for a job
  • completion of school
  • cleaning house tonight
  • United 93