Tuesday, April 25, 2006


oh, man - you arent going to believe what hapnd! i fell off my bike and broke my wrist! mt left wrist, and now i cant type 2 good. so, that was the second trip to the emergecy room in a week - i had to go the previous weekend because i was sick and i got dehydrated. sucks, right? i didn't even know it was possible for the bones of grown up people to break. i guess i'm going 2 hav this cast 4 at least 5 weeks. ): everyone keeps teling me 2 use voicerecognition software 2 type - do u have any idea how crappy that shit is? its worse than this, ill tell u that.


Cait said...

Oh man!
What does your cast look like? I can't wait to sign it!!
You are so TOUGH!!

Lyman said...

I can't understand your gibberish, you think you can clean up the typing a bit? C'mon!

(ps I'm coming to Chi-town at the end of the month!)