Wednesday, June 21, 2006

skater boiz

So, from my rather nifty perch at the Art Institute (right behind the lion), where I volunteer, I see hundreds of young men whatdoyoucallit? skating, roller.. no, skateboarding down the Michigan Avenue at various levels of competency. Mostly what looked like poor to terrible levels (I saw a lot of crashes) - but what fun they were having! Crazy sight. And like, I could smell them. And it was hot today. I could smell them with a plate glass window and 30 feet between us. I detest the smell of "boy".

Last night our very special one, our little Kaya (oh, how I love her!) SCRATCHED for the FIRST TIME her special scratching post. Mike and I went totally bat shit and started praising her and picking her up and kissing her and poured out her whole can of treats for her to eat. We scared her so much she'll probably never scratch it again. You know what sucks about cats? You can hardly buy them anything. Buying cute outfits, I figure, is like, the reason most people have kids. It's one of the reasons I intend to one day get a ridiculous little dog so I can buy it ridiculous little outfits.


Anonymous said...

I hate smells too. REALLY hate.
Miss Kaya is an unparalleled genius.

Amber said...

what? you could SMELL them? through a plate glass window? geez.

MY cats use their scratching posts all the time. though, they also use my shoes, particularly the new ones, and the couch. always the couch. -a