Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cover Me

This weekend a certain husband and I went to Rockville, Indiana to visit his granny and go to the Covered Bridge Festival. My parents drove over and we had a really nice time visiting with everyone. Trips to Indiana are alway full of surprises - something I find infinitely amusing is how many tiny little towns with crazy names there are - this weekend Tangiers and Montezuma were on our radar. Who came up with those names, long ago? I'd like to know.
I found a pile of religious tracks and was also given one (seemingly without irony) by my own mother. No matter, I laughed heartily at them all!
(Dad, this one's for you!)

Bit sorry to miss my hometown's Fall Foliage Festival (leave a report if you went!) - but, maybe next year!


dad said...

I hope you had just as much fun and enjoyment as I did! (along with your mother) Thanks for the extra bridge picture...looks good!...What about the food? Wasn't it good also? I sure thought so!

dad said...

Fall Foliage Festival..I went to the Mayor's breakfast, it was a good time. And then of course, THE PARADE, it was wonderful! and then we finished the day off with a pitch-in at Grandma Jean's (aka Mom), my sister's (Barb) Chili was a hit! Always a few birthday's to celebrate, so there was Cake also! A Good time was had by all! (Just as a note for next year, we are reserving a couple seats on the parade route with your names on them. We'd love it if you would come!)

KHM said...

beautiful photos; looks like a good time was had by all!

That sign about Ham and Beans in Montezuma is pretty funny, I must say! I do wish you'd been in Rockville, Maryland, though!

KHM said...

Dave, I think it might be unseemly for a woman to be hosting a "pitch-in" --- you know the metaphor. A potluck, maybe?