Sunday, August 08, 2010


This weekend M & I went to Indiana to visit family and go to M's HS reunion. The reunion was fun and I got to meet some of his old HS pals. Not surprisingly, all of them have like 3.2 kids and we were treated to many a speech about how having kids "changes you, man" and "it just changes everything, forever." Oh, really? Being fully responsible for a helpless human being's emotional and physical well-being has an impact on your life? I hope so! I find it amusing albeit slightly tiresome when a new or old parent decides to drop some knowledge on me about how "you just can't believe how much it changes you."

In non-parenting news, but tiresomely self-congratulatory, I bring you Garden Fresh Week, where I'll drop some knowledge of my own, mainly what we're doing with our absolutely fabulous tomato haul. So, stay tuned for some easy and fabulous recipes!

Here's me and M, either going to his reunion or off to a yacht party - you decide!

and here's Adorable Nephew the Second watering the flowers with an obscure reference to a de Chirico painting in the background.

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Indiana Fan said...

I know exactly what you mean. It makes me think that most people must have lived really soft, self-indulgent lives up until they had kids. And as an expectant father, I too find it a little tiresome to continually hear how much "you have no idea how busy you're going to be..." and "your life is never gonna be the same." Really? I entered into this entirely without thought or trepidation or anxiety about it all, so Thanks! ;) I know, I know, they're just trying to tell me how much effort they've put into parenting, but I hope when I'm an "old parent" that I remember pick out something specific that's great or hard or weird, so it's less boring for whomever I'm talking at.
On the other hand, I do love how excited and positive people get about a pregnancy. And when they find out I'm a dad-to-be, how gruff workmen will turn into big softies as they recall when their kids first started walking around. I never expected that.