Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dark and hot

Well, it's been an utter shit storm of a past few days because we had this wee giant storm which lasted about 15 minutes and tore up a bunch of trees and left us without power for just over 24 hours (along with 868,000 other people). Power was off at work and at home and one was obliged to spend a lot of time at both places sitting around in the sweltering darkness.

Our power finally came on around noon today, but only after we had thrown away all the food in the fridge. ComED owes us a variety of fine cheeses, I'll tell you that.

Here's a crazy ass video of the storm.

It's very sad about the trees, especially on the campus where I work. It's really weird because the wind just knocked them right out of the ground. Some of those trees were my friends. I knew them from nut and acorn.


dad said...

Sorry about the trees, I hate it when they are uprooted like that! (Don't like it that you lost stuff in the fridge either!)....but your garden sure is looking good!

dad said...

(Forgot) Nice lookin' shoes!...The Birthday Month just keeps on goin'!

Special K said...

thanks, dad!