Monday, December 05, 2011

Just paint it

I've been so in love with this great furniture redesigns that folks are doing lately (there are some good examples on one of my pinterest boards).  On this blog I'm addicted to, Better After? They have a lot of before-and-afters of this nasty furniture that somehow looks amazing after you just flat-out paint it a cool color.  Although, sometimes Better After drives me nuts because some people have a tendency to paint shit white and it's really boring.  And I get mad and say they should rename the blog 

Anyway, it makes every trip to the Salvation Army an exercise in creative thinking, and I wish I had a big truck and a giant garage and also one of those nifty spray gun things so you can spray paint ANYTHING.  And, then, oh, man.  The stuff I would paint.

So, I was on the lookout for a little dresser with nice lines and I found one fairly quickly.  Bought this for $15 and painted it with left-over blue paint from our living room.
It looked pretty terrible before but I knew it would look really cute because it has some nice design and details.  Originally I thought I would get new handles, but the more I looked at the old ones the more I liked them. 
cute, right?


Carrie said...

I have no talent for imagining. I basically just try and recreate a Pottery Barn page. When we were piking out a table and chairs, I had to move all the chairs around because I couldn't even remember the detail of something across the showroom. Good for you and all for $15

dad said...

Cute...right? Well it sure is! Great job!...Looks Awesome!