Monday, June 17, 2013

Coffee Tables and Rugs

I've been trying to buy a new rug for a while - and also a coffee table.  Here are some ideas - anyone want to weigh in?

As you can see, all these rugs are quite different styles, but I like them all and think they would look nice.  The bottom one is one of those thick pebbly ones that are really soft.  I truly don't know which one I like best.  ):

I like this table the most but M doesn't like it.  For various reasons he doesn't want a glass top, which I suppose is reasonable.  But.... it's so pretty.  And it would look awesome with all those rugs.

I like this table a lot.  It's from West Elm, the top is light wood.  I think it would look so sick with that pebble rug.  And also the flower one.  And the oriental one. 

This table is all metal from CB2.  Would all metal be too cold for the room?  

Is this the perfect combo of warmth and metal I'm looking for?  It's from West Elm too. I think it would look nice with all those rugs.  What should I do, convince M to get that chrome one?


Vivian Pitschlitz said...

I like rug no. 2 with coffee table no.5

ma said...

I think the neutral rug just because it would be easier to work with if you add more seating or change your window coverings. They say all rooms need a touch of black and so I like the brown top/black leg table. I do love the silver table but can't really see it in front of your couch.
I really like the flora rug - can you be sure the color is compatible with your walls? I would like the silver table with that rug but would want a different couch. Another reason for Mike to not like that table.

Carrie said...

Oh man, this is tough, I thought I had it all worked out, but then thought of your leather couch. I like rug 1 and 2 best. Maybe that last one is soft, but I think it could be sharper. The middle table is best and would compliment the room most. So, maybe a rug number one that is a little more modern looking and super soft is what you need. And maybe a table with a softer, curvy line but solid wood top?