Monday, July 01, 2013

Fashion and Modernity!

This weekend we saw the Fashion and Modernity show at the Art Institute - it was So! Fabulous! There are wonderful pieces from the AIC's permanent collection, of course, as well as a few beauties from Europe like Renoir's The Loge.  Gorge.

They included period clothes and HATS and SHOES OMGUCCI!  I felt like, that scene in the Bling Ring?  Where they break into Paris Hilton's shoe closet?

Like there's this painting, and next to it a dress that looks like this??????

And also there's a very nice show from Prints and Drawings called Undressed: The Fashion of Privacy.  In it are hanging a couple of my absolute favorite pieces from the collection - like Mary Cassatt's Mother and Child and a few prints from Felix Valletton's Intimit├ęs.

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