Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's In My Garden?

Does anyone know what this blue flower is called?
It's flower is really pretty - shaped kind of like a trumpet.
How about this pink fern-y thing?

Sometimes, when I stop hyperventilating, I think that our garden will look really pretty one day, maybe even next year, but right now, I'm overwhelmed.


keepingNtouch said...

Maybe they are bluebells???? I am not sure though. . .

Anonymous said...

the pink one is Achillea - Sneezewort, Yarrow

comes in different colors - mine is yellow which is the older or more traditional - they have names like filipendulina, millefolium, coronation gold, cerise queen (1 1/2' with magenta flowers, fireking mostly rosepink or orange red

The blue one, I don't know, thought it might be Monkshood but doesn't really match the pictures I found.


Kathy said...

There your Mom goes being amazing again... said...

They look like bluebells to me! I may be wrong but they grew in my yard when I was a kid, I'm trying to remember when they bloomed... Everything in Chicago blooms about 3 weeks later than in Martinsville (I learned this living up there until recently!) So I think it could be possible.
Spring Sunshine

Special K said...

Ah, M.'s mom confirms that the blue is delphinium! Awfully pretty!