Sunday, June 17, 2007

What's in My Garden?

I thought you might be amused by these ridiculously large plants growing in our garden. I believe they are Compass Plant (or Rosinweed) on the left and possibly Cup Plant on the right (although according to most sources, Cup Plant has a smooth stem, and mine is big and hairy).

Here's a picture that gives you a better idea of the scale:

I find them mostly terrifying, sort of like my rhubarb, because I fear it will rise up in the night and kill us all. Also, I found out its roots grow 10 feet long. I mean, that's just not natural, right? I was thinking about tearing them out, unless the roots have already placed their stranglehold on our foundation, or if there were some other compelling reason. What do y'all think?


kbmulder said...

Are you going to make Rhubarb Pie? Granny made a really good one, I wonder if mom still has a recipe.

Hmmm. I don't know if I would tear them out, those ten foot roots might be more than you can handle. I just imagine Little Shop of Horrors. . . Feed me!!

Kathy said...

actually strawberry-rhubarb pie is to die for---a treat from your own garden~!

Anonymous said...

I would whack them right away - they detract from the beautiousness of your new planting bed alongside the patio. Also they lend a somewhat rainforest throatcatching clostrophobic feel right by your back door. Probably harboring mosquitos the size of dragonflies. haha ma

Special K said...

We have indeed made strawberry rhubarb pie from the massive rhubarb in our garden. Yummy! Used surprisingly small amount of rhubarb. Could make 12 more pies.

On the advice of a friend have decided to leave the prehistoric Cup and Compass plant. Also seems likely we will not be able to kill them anyway.