Thursday, September 04, 2008


Could barely control my boiling rage as I watched Sarah Palin yesterday evening. I suppose what I found most infuriating, aside from the outright lies, the claims that we're "near victory" in the war, and her trotting out every member of her family after tsk-tsking everyone to stay out of their biznatch, is that the Republican's don't really have a plan for anything. They're all, boo-hoo, we're so beleaguered, everyone's against us, democrats are going to raise taxes, they're going to make you ride your bike to work, wah! It's like their whole platform is complaining and insulting the Dems. I don't think she said one actionable thing. Oh, sure, maybe that we should love special needs children a little more. You know, I'm pretty familiar with the lives of special needs persons, and it would have been interesting, for example, to hear one goddamn real plan to improve their lives.

Well, the whole thing makes me insanely crazy, mainly because I have absolutely no faith in humanity. I mean, McCain and Palin could easily win this thing. I don't want to believe it, but people out there, they really intend to vote for them.

Speaking of morons, I recently discovered this hilarious website called, where people interpret just about any song you can think of, with little to no insight or knowledge of any kind. You could waste a serious amount of time perusing that site.

And speaking of wasting time - head on over to Top Five to list the websites where you waste time!


the sports guy said...

Great part of the Comedy Central Show, Jon Stewart does a nice job giving the news, and Karl Rowe, what a _ _ _ _ head! Thanks for the info. GO DEMO's..KICK SOME ASS!

Lyman said...

Best clip ever.

And I love Song Meanings, some folks over there have some interesting insights.

Special K said...

Daddy? Did you write that?