Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funny Farm

Had a great weekend at my friend A's ancestral farm house in rural IL - just had the most fun hanging out on porches, playing games and chatting with everyone!

We went to an Amish quilt auction. Amish people make good donuts, but they are very strange AND they wouldn't sell me one of their bonnets.

We like to hug
When people leave, they have a cool tradition: ringing this old school bell!


dad said...

Did you ask one of the fellers if they would sell their hat? M would look good with a hat like that!...I like the "Bell Ringing" idea!(especially if it's time to eat!)

KHM said...

pretty quilts? I'm gravitating towards quilting just now....I'm envious you got to see some good ones!

Anonymous said...

Did they ring the bell when they got a really high bid on the quilts? Mom