Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You scream, I cream

Over the weekend M & I went with some friends to an very interesting dessert shop - here's a pic of what it looked like (shamelessly stolen from my friend's fb):Those are classic KitchenAid mixers with metal tubs attached to them - at the other end - guess what? Friggin' liquid nitrogen. You order ice cream or yogurt flavorings, even color; they pour in cream and whatnot, turn on the juice, and a few seconds later, Bob's your uncle. Ice cream verdict: Not bad. Venue name (i cream): ick.


dad said...

I scream for Ice Cream! You'll have to take us there sometime...Looks like fun!

kbmulder said...

Did it take just like real ice cream? It's cool that you can make your own flavor. Very trendy - do you think it will be around long?

Carrie said...

just google i cream- yuck.