Sunday, March 14, 2010

everything's coming up rose campions

Check it out: here are our plants coming up less than 2 weeks after we started the seeds. It's VERY exciting. M & I enjoy mothering them and admiring their progress everyday. Think will start playing classical music for them...Those are tomatoes on the left, rose campion in the middle, and basil on the bottom.

Poked around in the yard and the rhubarb is coming up, as well as a couple of tulips. Some of our herbs are returning and the lamb's ear is re-invigorating itself. Oh, the garden is going to be so pretty!


dad said...

We need to start a garden show with you and Mike as the host of the show. We can get sponsors, a place to have the show (large place, lots of people will show up (you build it and they will come!) it will be lots of FUN! I'm excited for you!

Anonymous said...

You probably need to clip off the old lambs ear that is all narly - otherwise it can get moldy and be a home for pests. Wait a week or so you'll be past the freezing time.

Special K said...

OK - thanks ma and pa!