Monday, March 08, 2010


Yesterday we went skiing up in Wisconsin! We used to go to Lake Tahoe for skiing weekends when we lived in California and it was so fun. Wisconsin is no Tahoe, but it was ok. Actually, the "mountains" of Wisconsin are more in line with my skill-set than like, real mountains. M wanted to learn how to snowboard and unfort. had a sort of awful day because he fell down a lot, which is only natural when you're learning to snowboard. But, I didn't fall down at all! And in fact I was very good! I have a couple of tricks to skiing which are:
1. get kinda drunk and
2. follow some moving target (like a little kid).
3. Do not fixate or even look at a non-moving target (like a tree)
Here's M following rule 1.


dad said...

Aren't you the same athlete I saw on the Olympics last week or so? Your GOLD for sure! (glad you had a good time!)(and M also!)

clterry said...

Looked like lots of fun, next time we all have to go togehter.
Brian and Sean tried snowboarding too, but with all the fresh snow, it made it alot harder b/c the snow kept clogging up the bindings to get their back shoe in. But I so want to try it sometime as well too.