Sunday, May 22, 2011

My friends are really smart

Everyone knows my friends are like, really smart and stuff, and two of them are honest-to-god rocket scientists.

I. has been working on a J-2X rocket for NASA - he worked on the nozzle. Pretty cool, huh? I. says, "Our J-2X engine was part of the recently canceled Constellation return-to-the-moon program. So, for now, our engine is its own separate NASA R&D program until the higher-ups at NASA decide what's next."
image via

Well, I think it's great, aside from the whole fate-lying-in-the-balance-thing. It's a terrible shame that NASA's budget has been cut so drastically, which is rather small compared to, say, those three wars we're currently waging.

Anyway, that's a really nice nozzle, if it is what I think it is.


dad said...

I think your smart too!

KHM said...

I'm with your Dad. I have two good friends who are rocket scientists. Smart people but they don't know everything....