Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Four Eyes

My friend G told me about this website, Zenni Optical, where you can buy prescription glasses for really cheap.  I just asked my eye doctor for my prescription and I ordered 4 pairs for less than $100!  Can you believe it?   You can make any of the glasses sunglasses and choose the shade color and everything.

So, there they all are - the top pair are green with pink sides - they're my favorite.  M really likes the black sunglasses because generally I like wearing absolutely HUGE sunglasses and these are just "normal" size. The third green pair are my least favorite because I think they're just a tiny bit small for my face.  I don't really care because they were so cheap - I guess I'll try to find one of those places were you can donate them. And the last pair of sunglasses I really like - they're lavender with amber-tinted lenses. 

I think it's really cool because, even though I really like the glasses I got at my regular eye doctor, they were kind of expense and designer-y, and sometimes I just want something to bum around in.  Also, I lose sunglasses like crazy so it was great to get a couple of pairs I could lose without getting mad at myself. 

Anywho, I thought I'd share because it's a pretty cool website.  Also, I was really pleased with the prescriptions too - I compared them to the glasses I got through the eye doctor (and spent a small fortune on) and I think they're just the same. 

The only problem is now I want to order like 75 more pairs of sunglasses. 

Oh, btw, while I'm talking about My Favorite Things, this picture was taken with the Photobooth App on my android, it's almost as fun as a real photo booth.

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