Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I watch too much tv

Is anyone watching Awake?  It's about this guy who lives two realities, post car accident - in one reality, his wife's dead, in another, his kid's dead, and he doesn't know which one is real.  It stars Jason Issacs, who is... guess who?

Mr. Malfoy, that's who!  Turns out he's wicked handsome when he doesn't have Stevie Nicks' hair.  

I really like Awake, although I'm worried they're going to do something stupid.  So many shows just haven't really thought past one season and then they poop out.  I can't even watch Smash anymore, I just fast forward to the songs.  Eww,  I'm watching it right now, actually, and that weird Bollywood bit sounds more like the death toll of Smash on my DVR.  

But, back to Isaacs, if you're recording Downton Abbey, you're probably getting all the Masterpiece stuff, which is so great.  I first saw a post-Malfoy Isaacs in Case Histories, based on a novel by Kate Atkinson.  I'm a big Atkinson fan and have read everything she's written.  Case Histories was great but a little hard to follow, and some of the Scottish accents were so thick it was kind of hard to follow.  In Awake he does an American accent. Back then I just spent the whole time going THAT'S MALFOY?????   

So, on Awake, in both realities, he sees a therapist, and one of his therapists asks him to open a book and read it randomly, and, it turns out it's the constitution - and she says, well, that proves THIS is reality unless you have the whole constitution memorized.  And then they sort of dropped it.  For some reason that kind of captured my imagination because like, say you're dreaming, you can do anything - speak foreign languages you've never studied or whatever and your brain just smoothes out the inconsistencies for you.  It would be funny if there were a third reality where he was a blonde wizard.  

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You're clever :)