Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Orleans

Well, I'm in new Orleans this week for a conference, and aside from missing a ctain husband I'm having a pretty good time. My hotel is on canal stret so I've been exploring the French quarter when I can. Wow, so beautiful, romantic, dirty, and mildly terrifying. At envy moment I'm afraid someone is going to dump a bucket of filthy water on my head.I think this is probably what ancient Rome felt like. When I first arrived, I kind of went overboard on fried fish, which, yes, in retrospect was a big mistake. I think I ate three meals in a row with nothing but fried food culminating in woe beignets from cafe du monde that were really spectacular. But after that I had to find a nice salad. I'm having trouble adding my pics from my phone to my iPad to blogger (oh, technology!)but I'll post them pretty soon.

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