Thursday, July 05, 2012

Spiderman, Spiderman, something something spiderman

We saw Spiderman on opening night - it was pretty fun and I mostly liked it.  The following things were cool:
  1. When Peter Parker turns into a spiderman, he's crazy strong and breaks his doorhandles and whatnot.  I'm a real sucker for that kind of Jason-Bourne-y-OMG-how-am-I-doing-this? stuff.
  2. Emma Stone as whoever this Gwen person is?  
and these things were dumb:
  1. The fact that it was made
  2. This armless scientist had supposedly been working for decades on an arm-growing serum and one day Peter Parker's like, try this, and he grows a damn arm?  And also turns into a lizard?
  3. Lizard villan.  Amirite?
  4. The actor who plays spiderman is too skinny, but he has a cute tuchus.  
But, I mean, honestly, I really liked it.  Do you know I used to be a real movie snob back when we lived in San Francisco, and I only wanted to see Indie-art-house films all the time.  Now I hate that stuff and I only want to see silly things on opening weekends.  There was even this scene, which felt very calculated, it was like, you could picture the flow-charts that guaranteed it would stir emotions in people aged 29-45, when Spiderman needs help and all these blue-color guys in NY help him.  And even though it was so cheesy and calculated, I still found it quite stirring.  What is wrong with me?

Oh!  As promised, here is a short list of actors I cannot tell apart:

  • Jodie Foster and Holly Hunter
  • The Rock and Vin Diesel
  • Erika Christensen and Julia Stiles

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