Tuesday, August 07, 2012

give me the shoes!

I had this crazy experience yesterday - I need a new pair of tennis shoes, so, I popped over to the local tennis shoe shop (that one on Dempster and Hinman, if you're a local), and it's like I have to audition for this freakin' pair of shoes!  Have you ever had this experience?

First, the guy makes me WALK FOR HIM.  I probably shoulda left right then.  But, like a chump, I walk.  Then, I'm like, I want this brand of shoes, and I like this one, and he says, Let me bring out a few pairs for you.  So, whatever, but then he comes out with totally different shoes.  Then I say, Those are ok, but I want that one.  And he says, HE ACTUALLY SAYS THIS, "That would not be wise."

That's when I start putting my own shoes back on.  And he says, "We don't actually like our customers to pick out their own shoes."

No one, but NO ONE keeps shoes from me!

PS, did anyone notice those awesome yellow trainers some of the Olympic runners were wearing?

In other news, I'm in exciting Madison for the rest of the week for a conference.  Wouldn't it be funny if  I ordered some cheese curds and the waiter says, "That would not be wise"?  Who am I kidding, that would never happen in Wisconsin!

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Julie R said...

This is hilarious. I actually got "fit" there and loved it, but I went in to get "fit".