Sunday, September 09, 2012

Grilled Pizza!

I've been really sick lately - total bummer.  I'm kind of making a comeback now (thanks to a second round of antibiotics), but it's pretty slow.  So, life's been pretty boring for me lately - haven't done much but lay around on the couch watching the slim offerings of Netflix (exhausting everything they had to offer in the British Lady Detective genre) and going to bed crazy early.

But, this weekend, thankfully, I did finally feel a tiny bit better.  Enough to go out for brunch, hang out in the backyard, and even do some cooking.

I made a pumpkin bread with buttercream frosting and salted caramel drizzle that sounds better than it tastes.  I made peach ice cream, which tastes even better than it sounds.  And tonight M & I grilled pizza.  OMG, so delicious.  We made the dough ourselves, and three kinds: Margherita, Mexican, and... wait for it... peach and goat cheese with truffle oil and honey.  It was bonkers delish.

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dad said...

Peach pizza...That was your remendy for getting well! (Glad you are feeling better!) And how was that icing? Sounds good! Take care, Love ya, Dad