Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I've been watching a ridick amount of tv and movies because my stoopid foot still hurts like hell (and it's still hurting!)  Last weekend we watched a dumb movie called The Invasion.  It was not good, even though it has Nicole Kidman AND Daniel Craig in it AND they kiss.  We also watched that Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie, Looper.   It's full of holes and Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears a prosthetic nose to look like a young Bruce Willis which seems to take away from his very Gordon-Levittness.  Also he wears a frankly alarming color of lip stain.  There wasn't really any kissing.  

I finally got around to watching Ab Fab and it was... absolutely fabulous.  (I don't believe anyone's ever made that joke before...)  Now have desire to hold my mouth in bizarre way and call people darling.  And take up smoking. Again.

Oh, good lord... I watched Compliance on Netflix streaming and it shook me to my very core!  Know Your Rights!

Last night I finally got around to watching The Americans - a new tv show where Felicity is like a Russian Spy or something?  I never really watched Felicity but that's who she'll always be to me.  Is she believable as a Russian doing a perfect American accent who occasionally brutally kills people with her bare hands then has weird we-just-killed-a-dude-sex with her arranged-spy-husband in the back seat of their car?  I guess so.  Also it takes place in the 80s and she wears high waisted Guess jeans.  So.  There's that.  

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