Wednesday, March 06, 2013

w00t PaWN: Sleeping Dogs

M is playing Sleeping Dogs on the PS3.  He plays like this gangster guy who is really an undercover cop trying to infiltrate a Taiwanese gang or something?  As far as I can tell, his guy rides around town, then he jumps out of the car and punches people in the face and does some parkour nonsense and then drives some more and punches some more guys.  It's a lot like Grand Theft Auto except in Taiwan.  I'm curious about how accurate the map is. I've never been to Taiwan.

I think the gang is called the "Dogs" or something.  But, honestly, I have no idea.

In this one bit, he runs into some kind of club, sings some KARAOKE (no joke) and then breaks a big fish tank and then picks up a FISH and punches a bunch of guys with the fish.  I was like....

Integrating karaoke is kind of funny but I think it should be a true mix and you have to break out your Garage Band mics and really sing.  Or better yet, the XBox Kinect and do some sick dance moves.  Instead you just move the controller to hit the appropriate key. That's pretty weak, right?


d00dpwn1337 said...

Very accurate, except it is set in Hong Kong.

Special K said...

Don't correct me. It sickens me.