Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book of Mormon!

This weekend M & I had a lovely night on the town with dinner and a show - we saw The Book of Mormon.  It's really funny - if you have the opportunity to see it, you will surely enjoy it, unless you are uhm, a Mormon or pretty religious.

Here's one of my favorite songs, called Turn It Off, about how to stop feeling and thinking.  (:

I wore this rather outrageous gold paillette jacket over a black dress with a fabulous necklace.  I was in the lady's room fixing my false eyelash when my spidey-sense let me know that two girls were giving me The Eye.  I recognized it immediately, having grown up in Indiana.  It said, Get a load of this big city girl.
 I smiled at them.

That's right, bitches!

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Carrie said...

A gold jacket is the perfect thing!