Thursday, May 23, 2013

a roiling sea of emotion

The other day I read this really crappy blurb of a book that said it was "nothing short of an adventure through a roiling sea of emotion."  Then I laughed for LITERALLY the rest of the night.  Because I'm a jerk.

Little did I know that very soon I would soon be on my own roiling sea of emotion. Our little baby, our precious little angel, continues to be quite ill. Tues she went in to have a feeding tube put in place, and she had a seizure coming out an anesthesia.  M & I went to visit her last night and she looked so awful - she was twitching and unresponsive... anyway, we were quite sure she was going to die and basically cried continuously for the next 12 hours.  Cut to: this morning the Dr. recommended we take Kaya to a neurologist, who did an MRI and didn't find any major problems, leading us to believe Kaya might pull through this after all.  So, now we wait.  They said she's improving.  Your kind thoughts are appreciated.  

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