Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Our vacation a few weeks ago started with my grandma's 90th Birthday party in Indiana.  My grandma is one of the coolest ladies in the whole wide world and I'm crazy about her.  Do you know any other 90 year olds who demand their favorite band plays at their party so they can dance the night away?  The day before the party my aunt rented a giant pontoon boat so the whole family could hang out and swim together.  That was SO much fun.  My nephews and my cousin's kids were sweet and it was terrific watching them go off the slide all day.
here's what the boat looked like.

and here's my beautiful grandma - she knows how to travel in style, doesn't she?

They also let the kids drive the boat.  We were in pretty good hands.  Or feet, I guess.  

my mom made a special batch of wine for the party and did a lot of decorating.  It looked fantastic.  


Carrie said...

Man, I loved that boat day.

dad said...

What a GREAT time!

kbmulder said...

She sure is a special lady! Boat looks pretty huge! I need to share my shutterfly album with you guys