Monday, September 23, 2013

Zion National Park

After we left Bryce, we drove to Zion National Park.  We thought nothing could compare to what we had seen at Bryce, but Zion was just as beautiful and geologically amazing. The mountains looked like they had been carved by sand.  This one is called Crosshatch Mountain.

We went on a couple of hikes that made me feel a bit queasy.  Here's how I felt:

and here's how M felt.

Look at this one - that was so crazy!

At the end of our trip we went to Vegas for a few days.  We just wanted to chill out, go swimming, and see a show.  We saw the Cirque du Soleil show, Love, which is full of Beatles songs and you know, crazyawesome Cirque du Soleil stuff.  

I've got a bunch more pictures of our trip on my flickr if you want to see more.  

We had a great time but we were a little bit homesick, although when we got home I burst into tears because Kaya wasn't here.  That was sad.  Our house is not the same without her.  

We've been busy ever since we got home.  I have a new boss at work, school's starting up again and all my student employees are coming flooding back.  M & I celebrated our wedding anniversary - 15 years!!!!  One of my best pals is moving to Hawaii...  It's been quite a year. 


dad said...

What AWESOME mountains! I believe I'd love to see them....sure glad you had the chance. (Show us some more...Thanks!)

kbmulder said...

Amazing! Yeah, heights are kinda scary! But look at the beautiful views you got. Did you love Love? That is so sad coming home to an empty house, maybe there will be a new little friend to greet you someday.