Thursday, October 24, 2013

w00t PaWn: Last of Us

I'm trying to get M to tell me some of the details of this video game he's playing. It's called Last of Us? He finds it very annoying to summarize the "complicated" story line. "I guess there's this girl, and she's infected by zombies, and he's immune and some smugglers or whatever help her but the lady gets killed and the guy promises to get her to the scientists and they're just doing their thing." he says.

"Doing their thing????" I say.

"Trying to survive in the wasteland of the United States."

It looks to me like this girl just sneaks around and hides from people. Then occasionally she jumps on some dude's back like a spider monkey and stabs them in the neck! Except one time she was hiding from these people in a gross bathroom? And these guys came in, and she stabbed one of them in the neck, but then some other guys shot her a couple time and she died.  M said the humans are more dangerous than the zombies because they're cannibals.

Cannibalists are just lazy, you know? It's like, eat a goddamn salad, amirite?

 M just got excited because the girl is sneakin' around a pinball arcade. He's really into pinball lately. In fact, he's building his own miniature pinball game out of cardboard and a monitor and duct tape. No joke.

This game is pretty boring from what I've seen. All you seem to do is sneak around and occasionally stab someone in the neck!  Although, I do find sneaking inherently amusing.  Do you know, I am completely unable to sneak up on people?  If I try to do it, I laugh too hard.  I probably wouldn't last too long in a zombie waste-land.  Neither would M, judging by how much he's getting killed in this game.  OH SNAP!  

Here are some sneaking examples that make me laugh:

What in the hell are those kittens sneaking up on?

I just. Can't.  

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