Friday, February 03, 2006

Sesame Street

I've had a really nice week - my first full week of classes, including my internship at the Prints and Drawings room at the Art Institute, which is really fun. I'm getting to see and handle some incredible art, and I get to combine both my love of art with my love of order by placing everything neatly in it's proper place. It's the perfect place for a person with mild OCD like myself. I'm using some of my free time this morning before I head off for my TA gig to peruse YouTube for classic Sesame Street video - I'm looking for this adorable little skit that used to melt my heart with a kitten in a dollhouse, and another one called me and my llama. I haven't found it, but I'm catching some great golden oldies, like the 1-12 pinball song, Uncle Alligator, the typewriter... This weekend we're going to have a small superbowl party - if the game's interesting, we might watch it. OH MY GOD!!!! I JUST FOUND IT!!!!! Oh, that is SO sweet.

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