Friday, January 27, 2006

an elongated marshmallow

I'm rather thrilled about the press A Million Little Pieces is getting, not because I really care about the book either way, but I like to hear a public debate over the arts. Did you know that back in the 19th century, James M. Whistler got in a fight with someone over art and threw him through a glass window? You just don't see that sort of public discourse going on any more. I saw a bunch of video of Oprah questioning Frey and publicly shaming him. Then I just now watched a preview for this dopey Disney movie called Eight Below which is supposedly "inspired by a true story" (incidentally, so was the improbable Hidalgo but, like, what kind of idiot do you have to be? No one gets a root canal without anesthesia) and I started thinking how funny it would be if Oprah had 8 sled dogs on her show and said, "Where you trapped in Antarctica or not?"



M and I were just talking about how funny it is that Google's motto is "Do no evil" (yes, this is Friday nite conversation) and what a ridiculous world we live in that a corporation would even include the world EVIL (I assume they mean the devilish variety) in their mission statement, and THEN, not even be able to abide by their own relatively loose strictures. "Oops - we did a little evil after all." If those bastards turn our records over to the Bush administration, I'm through with Google. Somehow.

I've been too busy to blog about this weeks' Project Runway in which Tim's words cut to my very heart, because, I guess, I'm projecting too much. When he said, "People, I'm very concerned" and "She looks like an elongated marshmallow and she's such a STIFF walker" I thought, "Oh, Jesus, if Tim said all that to ME, I'D jump through a window!" I really don't know how those people went on after being devastated by Tim. I mean, Oprah tries to devastate you and you just go out and have a beer and laugh it off - but Tim... oh, Tim.


Lyman said...

my wife will see anything that is "inspired by a true story" claiming that it is much more inspiring to her knowing that real people did it ...

she disappoints at times

Special K said...

It's a good thing Carrie doesn't read our blogs! (: