Monday, May 15, 2006

now what?

Yeeow! Friday I had my last class, so that's mostly that for my master's degree. This week I am going to present my thesis at a symposium, and then Sat. is graduation. After that all I have to do is find a job and starting paying off massive amounts of student loans, innit? If you run into me, I beg you, please don't ask me what I'm going to do now, cause I don't know, and the mere question gives me heart palpitations.

I saw my friend Caitlin's solo show at The NeoFuturarium, and it was an amazing, strong performance. I was so impressed by the honesty and humor she brought to the subject of reality tv makeover shows, with their mind-numbing qualities and simultaneous effect of making viewers feel superior. It's a topic close to my heart. Her performance is nicely paired with another show about this guy who was on Jeopardy. Check it out!

In other news, an old classmate of mine is on the E Channel's "Daily 10." She used to be Cathy, but now she's "Catt." I have a feeling that's going to torment me in my upcoming period of unemployment.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I'm very proud of you. You've done lots of hard work and now is the time to let your mind wander and be free. Something great will come along that you want to do and when it does you'll be ready. Plus they give you 6 months before you have to start paying those loans back. You and Carrie have done a great job working and getting your masters in 2 years. Now you both need to have a fun summer and the rest will just happen. Are you and Mike coming down for Lyman's show? Hope to see you there.

Donna, Lyman's mom

Special K said...

Thanks, Donna - that;s really nice. don't think we're going to make the show in IN, sounds like a lot of fun, though!

Cait said...

already people are asking me what I am working on next. people! I am still in the midst of my current project! please, pester us not with these heart-attack inducing questions! it can only lead to feelings of inadequacy. Here's to the next couple months of mind-numbing trash TV! Drunk by 6pm, I tell you!! Huzzah!