Tuesday, May 30, 2006

they can take those bricks and shove them up...

OMG, according the NY Times, people are sending bricks to their senators as a not-so-subtle message about the border between the US and Mexico. I have to wonder, did these people mourn when the Berlin Wall came down? Should we build other walls between the "good" parts of town and the "bad" ones? Has anyone actually contacted any Nazi's for advice on how to build a good strong wall and what measures to take when people cross it? Like, how big should the no-man's-land be, and whether you should leave the dead bodies lying around as messages to others interested in crossing - oh, I know, why don't these jackasses just mail the dead bodies of Mexicans to their senators, that might make a statement. Or, better yet, why not put the slain bodies IN the wall, like they did when they were building the Wall of China in, what was that? Oh yeah, the 3rd century. Pics: Building of Berlin wall, 1961; construction of "Security Fence" between Isreal and Palestine, 2000.

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