Tuesday, October 24, 2006

my special lady friend

The third season of Veronica Mars if off to a great start. I was kind of afraid it was going to fall into a groove, which I was dreading (tragedy in the season premiere, followed by the break-up of Veronica and Logan), but so far it has neatly defied my expectations, which makes it uh-awesome! Last week, I see that season two's Gia was on the Gilmore Girls - so imagine my surprise when this week, the Gilmore Girls's Logan was on Veronica Mars, and the Gilmore Girls's Logan was playing the brother of Veronica Mars's Logan! It's like their directors were playing poker and lost their actors to each other or something.

I'm only recently becoming hip to the Big Lebowsky references - I don't know why it's taken me a while, because that's like, one of my favorite movies - so last week I just about fell off the couch when they started hitting that kid and yelling, "You're entering a world of pain, Larry!" and tonight, oh, it took me a minute, but then I got it... "Hey, I've got a beverage here"???? Come ON! (imagine Gob saying "come on" - you know what I'm talking about...)

My friend C. paid $30 to meet Kristen Bell this summer. It sounds better when she tells it... sort of. I have a weird, old-lady-crush on Logan. I would have paid him $30 to... kiss me! hahaha! Can you do that?

Tiny, minor complaint: I hate the revamped theme song, it was better fast. Also, does anyone know what happened between Veronica's dad and Wallace's mom? I thought they were dating. By the way, where IS Wallace this season?

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Anonymous said...

As one weird old lady to another, Logan is so hot! :)