Monday, October 16, 2006

What I did today

Well, it was a pajama day, like the days of yore. Unemployeed moi spends the day in her pajamas - NOT because she has no gumption, mind you, but because she's very, VERY busy! This morning I did a ton of reading on the feminist presence in the blog-o-sphere. Do you know some maniacs call these "boob blogs"? Crazy. I read all about this controversy of one feminist who called this other feminist a like, bad feminist because she "posed" for a picture with Bill Clinton and had the nerve to, you know, stand there looking pretty with her boobs.

The "guilty" party has a great blog: Feministing.

I also read this great article - although living in a pro-choice world is important to me, I wish abortion where not a political issue (and I fear it's probably going to blow up all over the political landscape all over again very soon) - anyway, this writer, Elizabeth Wardle, perfectly expresses the real issues that are (don't get me wrong) more important than abortion.

Also I wrote an article - hopefully soon to be published! I'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

I need a pajama day. *sigh*