Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh, Come ON!

Last night's anxiously awaited tv line-up was a big disappoint. Our friends compaired it to both the night we watched the 2004 elections and the year Crash won Best Picture at the Oscars. Not only did Michael Knight not WIN... not only did he come in FOURTH, but JEFFREY wins? Tattoo Neck? A man who tattooed his NECK? A man who basically cheated and went over budget and insulted a mother and called her fat and also his clothes are really ugly and I hate them? HIM?

What a night. I dressed up like Heidi Klum, by which I mean I wore a blonde wig. And no one knew who I was. I really thought Uli vas going to vin this. Her dresses at Olympus were so fabulous! Listen, I don't care what the guys at Project Rungay have to say, I'm pissed! Oh, puh-lease! (Bitch!): It's about the process and the people in the process. Jeffrey wouldn't have been our pick, but we have no problem with the decision, if for no other reason than it's practically a certainty that all of the final four will be moving to new phases in their careers within the next year. No one knows better than those guys that it's about snarkiness. And no one makes me feel as snarky as Jeffrey. The next phase in Jeffrey's career is crashing a Saturn Sky Roadster.

Here's the general reaction to the winner:

So, after the massive disappointment that was Project Runway, we gleefully switch over to the Daily Show to watch Jon Stewart spank John Ashcroft, but what does he do but just HAND him the interview!?!?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that I am totally inadvertantly making the same face as the angry face in your painting (above).
I think we say it all.

Special K said...

I know! That's so hilarious!