Sunday, May 13, 2007

What's In My Garden?

It's time for yet another installment of What's In My Garden? The popular blog where YOU tell ME what the hell's in my yard. We spent most of the day digging around out there - one of my very kind neighbors advised us about which plants are most invasive and we've been trying to keep those at bay. I dug out at least 10 huge horseradishes today and then desperately tried to give away the roots to random people walking down the street. Thought about selling the rest at the Farmer's market. Or to Arby's. Here's just a little bit:

Is this Columbine?

I think this is called "Heart [of something]." Pretty, isn't it?

Anyone know what this is?

Remember the first What's In My Garden and y'all very helpfully identified our rhubarb? It has now gotten completely out of control, and I fear it will devour us all.

This picture is better for scale:


kbmulder said...

Could the pink flower be a Bleeding Heart?

M. looks like he's going to star in Honey I Shrunk the Kids IV!

Special K said...

Ah yes, my mother-in-law verifies that it is Bleeding Heart and that the one following that might be Prairie Smoke, which I believe is a native midwestern flower. But, I was wrong about the Columbine, it's something else.

kbmulder said...

It would be cool if there was a free online garden encyclopedia with photos. I looked for one this morning after I read this, but didn't find exactly the right thing. It would be nice if they had one where you could just search by looking at photos of flowers, or perhaps describing what they look like. I've never heard of Prairie Smoke, but I like the name.

Kathy said...

I'm wretched at remembering plant names. The only thing I had a clue about was the Columbine which your mother corrected.

If it ain't in my yard, if you haven't told me at least five times, I have no clue. This should be a fun recurring segment as the K's try to name that plant...and keep the rhubarb from eating M.