Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I like lists

I was kind of going crazy because I couldn't find my favorite lipstick (well, I mean, who wears lipSTICK anymore? It was a lipSTAIN.) so I went though all my bags and cleaned them out. I found:
8 lipthings
$1.45 in change
3 barrettes
6 mints
various candies and snacks (I've got a blood-sugar-thing)
4 rechargeable batteries, uncharged
2 CTA passes (unknown value)
a bunch of paperclips for some reason
2 small bottles of lotion
2 packets of antibacterial wipes
2 tampons
1 nail file
4 matchbooks
more unidentifiable pills than I care to admit

1 comment:

Caitlin said...

I have unidentifiable crumbs in my bag!