Monday, October 29, 2007

Scary Costumes!

Our annual Halloween party was this weekend and we had a lot of fun. You won't believe our friends' super-creative costumes!

G. as Crazy Old Cat Lady (meow!)
C&D as Tyra and Jay Manuel (she has one one photo in her hand!)
Mike as Norwegian Black Metal Rocker
and me as a Dark Faerie!


kbmulder said...

Is that a guitar hero guitar slung over Mike's shoulder?

Great costumes!!

Special K said...

It is indeed - M's birthday was yesterday and I got him Guitar Hero III!

Kathy said...

Ok, I can't look at M. either. That's plain scary.

mike said...


Devin said...

When did Mister Jay let himself go?

clterry said...

Great outfits! Mike looks very scary, I would never have thought that was Mike, he just doesn't protray that hard rocker type to me.

Crazy Cat Lady is awesome!

I like to make stuff! said...

Those are GREAT costumes well done! i love the cat lady (especially as I intend to turn into a crazy cat lady when I'm old)