Monday, October 22, 2007

Travellin' Shoes

Today I made some bags for shoes - a concept that needed explaining to a certain husband more than once. (When you go on vacation, see, you wanna put your shoes in a separate bag so they don't touch your clothes and get them all shoe-y.) These bags are (would have been) extremely easy to make (if a certain sewing machine weren't possessed by the devil).
  • Make a little bag, approx. 13" x 10", with a slip for a ribbon to gather the top
  • Scream obscenities the likes of which perhaps no sewing machine has heard before
  • Add an iron-on transfer of a shoe (just so there's no confusion)

Iron-on's are very easy, you just print them out on the special paper (available at office and computer stores) on any printer and iron it on - done!


Kathy said...

what a fabulous little crrrrrraft! You're so clever!

I'm sorry it took m so long to understand why such things are (indeed!) essential!

kbmulder said...

I having been using kroger plastic bags for me shoes all this time, when I could have been traveling in style. Great invention!!! Total necessity!!

clterry said...

I think you need to sell these or give as x-mas gifts.

My husband just doesn't understand women and shoes. I am still explaining why I need more than 3 pairs of shoes and 5 different pairs of flip flops, so I understand your pain.

Special K said...

5 pairs of flip flops! That's ridiculous. You need no more than 3. (:

Kathy said...

I don't know, K. Depending on where you live and your particular lifestyle, 3 or 5 pairs may not even come close to being adequate.

You'll need your jeweled evening flippers, your going to get a pedicure, minimal strapping fips, the flips with cute flowers or other ornaments, the bollywood flip flops, the shower flip flops, the beach flips, come on. A girl needs flip flops.

I like to make stuff! said...

Nice idea for the bags, but HOW CUTE ARE THOSE SHOES!!!??
I live on a farm, so trying to explain why I need more than a pair of wellies is a full-time job. To be fair, I have ruined most of my nice shoes by insisting on wearing them and getting them scuffed.