Friday, October 17, 2008

Eek - I really oughta finish up my packing right now, but I can't resist one more blog post before I hit the road (or the skies, rather)!

First off - a certain, alert husband notes that the beat to Stayin' Alive is perfect for performing CPR - don't forget! And, get certified, why don't you?

Secondly, can't wait for the election to be over (with Obama as winner, naturally!) Couldn't bare to watch the complete debate Wed. night but certainly did get my feathers ruffled by McCain and his statement about "women's 'health'." I've written about the so-called partial-birth abortion before - it's a rare proceedure, usually performed on wanted pregnancies because the fetus has abnormalities incompatible with life, is already dead or dying, or because the pregnancy is threatening the life of the woman. It's disgusting that McCain belittles this. Nobody wants a partial-birth abortion, but to deny a woman access to one is extremely dangerous and beyond heartless.

And, on that note, I've got a plane to catch! Arrividerchi, tutti!


Indiana Fan said...

buon viaggio!

(Couldn't agree with you more about McCain- I can NOT believe he scare-quoted women's health- this should spell out the difference between McCain & Hillary "health care" Clinton better than anything)

Carrie said...

He was killing me on school reform. He was surprised to hear that some of the lowest performing schools receive the most money. He is so uninformed and ignorant of povery in this country. Well, I hope he is uninformed and ignorant, because if he's not, he a heartless individual.

dad said...

Can't believe I watched the debate, my mind is made up and it sure isn't McCain....and besides, the major league baseball playoff game would have been more enjoyable to watch.