Monday, October 27, 2008

We are Returned

Whew! Got home from our trip yesterday evening after a looooong day of travel. Both of us went crazy over Kaya, who we missed very much, and spent an hour or so online reading emails and blogs trying to satisfy a pretty nasty case of Internet Withdraw Syndrome.

Despite a bad cold and even an earache (thank God for wonderful European health care system where simply waltzed into Pharmacia, described symptoms [approx. translation: "I am bad for two days. And today, my ear-shaped pasta is *pop* *pop* *pop* all the time."] was delivered drugs for which I paid less than 7 Euro!) we had a wonderful time. It was pretty much a Renaissance art extravaganza - I'll post some pics soon.

Scored a bottle of 22 Euro Absinthe yesterday - when it became legal in the US, had terrific idea to throw 19th Century party and drink it - but a bottle costs something like 70 bucks in the US. Thanks to the tanking of both the US and the European markets, the Euro cost only a little more than a dollar in contrast to the almost 2 dollar exchange several months ago. Assuming we still have our jobs when we go to work today, that's one good thing. (: Otherwise we might be burning the contents and all other purchases on a street corner to stay warm through cold, winter months. Wouldn't that be ironic?

Last night slept approx. 12 hours then woke up at unusually early hour. Now slightly bleary-eyed at thought of work, but looking forward to seeing friends. Well, I'd better go - Ciao!


KHM said...

So glad you're back safely! Blog, baby, blog!

Carrie said...

Welcome home! I can't wait to see pictures and hear about your trip.

dad said...


kbmulder said...

Yay! Pictures, pictures, pictures! Hope you are feeling all better:)