Sunday, January 18, 2009

Before and After, and After that

My old pal MG visited us last week and painted our kitchen and stairwell. He rocked on Guitar Hero, and he rocked on totally changing the mood in our kitchen, too! I just love the new color - I think it's looks so calm and sophisticated in there. Excuse the mess, I didn't feel like cleaning it up to magazine-standards - this is more "everyday". Well, make that a good day.

After that:


Penny said...

There is a definite mood shift here. The green is energetic and the blue is calm. They're both good. Too bad you couldn't flip a switch, you know and keep them both. I really like the blue.
Dad wonders if the cooking will be affected. Can't wait to see it in person. I bet it is a smoother transition to the dining room, right?

clterry said...

I loved the green, but the blue is very nice. Much calmer, definitely. I think the blue goes more with your other colors in your house.

We just got back from MI and they had a ton of snow. People in IN really shouldn't complain about the amount of snow we get here b/c it ain't nothing. Yes, I said ain't.

Pineapple Express, hiliarious, not matter what you watch it on.

Carrie said...

I thought Pinapple looked so stupid, but, after the one actor got a nod, I put it back on my que. Not that those awards are earned- Anna Paquin!

I love the blue! I want to repaint my kitchen, but then I would have to do the tile, carpet, window... maybe later.