Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Last night we just had a wee party at our place with some friends - there was a costume to see who would have the most outrageous holiday sweater. Some of us insulted our mothers by asking if they had something we could borrow... Can you guess who won?For the record, my mother did not have anything for us, we got ours at the thrift store. Here's a tiny video of some silliness - my favorite part: "Figure it out!"

I dug up a blog post from last year with some loose resolutions. Here they are:
1. To get in better shape.
2. To take the good with the bad (part of new mentality)
3. To find gainful employment (will at least teach a course at Loyola)
4. Look into selling some of my crafts
5. Continue working on my book(s)

I suppose I got in ever-so-slightly better shape - I did join the gym and can work out for approx. one hour without fainting. I did take the good with the bad; Woo-Hoo! I did, indeed, find gainful employment (although I did not end up teaching at Loyola); I looked into selling crafts, without actually selling any; and, geez, I'm didn't do a ton of work on my book, but I did do a lot of thinking about working on it. I count that. One of my major goals for last year was to be more green, and that I've accomplished quite successfully - we used homemade laundry soap, fabric softener (vinegar), and cleaning solution all year. This year, my resolutions are:
1. To get in better shape/practice being really nice to Kelly
2. To find out if I can make my own dishwashing liquid (and then make it, natch)
3. To spend less time watching tv, more time being creative

Another thing I want to do is find out what's making me sick all the GD time and get heathlier. But, "get healthy" is not a very useful resolution, so I'm not putting it up there with the official ones. Hope you all are off to a great start in 2009!


clterry said...

Those sweaters are so UGLY! I would say that Mike's won.
I'm glad that you met all of your goals for last year. I haven't made any resolutions for a long time b/c I didn't want to disappoint myself. I have only one this year for my fam, that is to visit our elders more. I think we can manage that one.

dad said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR...I sure couldn't match any of those "ugly" sweaters, even with some of my ol' bad clothing! Looked like a great party to finish out the year. Resolutions (Hum!); I don't get into them....others probably think I should have some....but NO THANKS!

Amber said...

I am gonna guess that M won? Oh, and I was at O's mom's house over the New Year and SHE was wearing a great one - a burgundy sweatshirt covered all over at regular intervals with the same applique of the manger scene. I wanted to ask her for it.